Juventus and Paul Pogba to part ways soon


Paul Pogba of Juventus FC with closed eyes during the Serie A Tim match between Empoli FC and Juventus FC at Stadio Carlo Castellani on September 3, 2023 in Empoli, Italy. 

Paul Pogba and Juventus are set to part ways soon, with the Frenchman expected to be handed a ban soon.

It was reported earlier today that the doping Prosecutor in Italy has called for a four-year ban on Pogba, who had previously tested positive for doping even after a counter-analysis was carried out.

Fabiana della Valle has now reported that the information about the prosecutor’s demand was made clear to Juve before it was released to the media. The story between the two parties will end soon and they will part ways when the ban is imposed on the Frenchman.

Juve’s stance is clear – they will not make a decision official unless the ban has been made official by the authorities. On the basis of the ban that has been imposed, Juve will speak to Pogba’s entourage about the termination fee. 

Juve’s intention is to reach an agreement with the player and make sure that they save up financially and the possibility is that they could save upto €30 million.

Juve have already made it clear that they are not involved in the affair, as the doctor who prescribed Pogba the medicine isn’t connected to the Bianconeri. Pogba is yet to declare himself innocent, having not sought any plea bargain.

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