Toni Kroos: “I will do everything so that Joselu’s wish for me to retire is not fulfilled”

Toni Kroos of Germany
Toni Kroos of Germany talks to the media during a press conference at adidas HQ Herzo Base on June 11, 2024 in Herzogeqnaurach, Germany. 

Former Real Madrid player Toni Kroos spoke at the press conference on Friday ahead of Germany’s quarter-final clash with Spain. He was asked a bunch of things, specifically about Joselu’s quotes about him wishing this turns out to be Kroos’ last football game, to which he said: “I expect it because he wants to win. You can expect a relatively interesting game. It will not be boring, that’s my own feeling. I will do everything so his wish is not fulfilled.”

Missing press conferences

“I will miss them less than playing football, that’s for sure. I’m not nostalgic at all. I did not bring any treats for you [journalists] either. I do not expect tomorrow to be my last game so I assume we will see each other again.

“The possibility of it being my last game doesn’t weigh on me. I will give my best until the end, when that is. I feel happy and excited.”

Doubts on Germany before Euro

“There were big doubts about the tournament before it started. That’s normal after the previous tournaments we had. So we’ve now reached a minimal goal, and whatever the result, we won’t be speaking about a tournament catastrophe here.”

Why it is important to go on

“Anything that comes now is not a bonus. We, as a team, have the goal to win the tournament. So it is not a bonus but we are at a stage in the tournament we wanted to reach. We have a lot to offer against Spain, and we have good chances. The Spaniards play good football; we have to give them that, and so do we.

“It would be a sensational end [to win the Euro], but I have also considered the possibility of it not happening.”

His decision to come back

“It is the second most important title you can win and it would have a huge importance for me. If I did not see having the chance to do it with the team, I would not have come back.”

On Lamine Yamal

“Lamine has been at Barcelona for a year, and the confidence with which he plays is incredible. He is one of their most dangerous players. Spain have very good wingers, him and Nico and we must defend together.”

Comparisons with Rodri

“Rodri is one of the most decisive players for Spain and City. He doesn’t get nervous. He never seems to be under pressure. He has scored important goals. He is a top player for Guardiola. I think he is more of a pivot, and I am more of a number 8.”

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