Xavi leaves Barcelona with his head held high

Xavi Hernandez head coach of FC Barcelona
Xavi Hernandez head coach of FC Barcelona reacts during the LaLiga EA Sports match between Atletico Madrid and FC Barcelona at Civitas Metropolitano Stadium on March 17, 2024 in Madrid, Spain. 

Xavi is right. Good luck to Hansi Flick.

Being the manager of FC Barcelona is not glamorous. It’s packed with pressure.

You could have a fantastic tactical mind, and come with a history of success, as Flick does, and still find it hard to triumph at the Camp Nou.

For all intents and purposes, Xavi’s strength for his two and half years in charge was his ability to not crumble in the face of media sensationalism, and under the thumb a mercurial president.

One day you’re a hero, the next day you’re on the chopping block.

Xavi was making plans for another year in charge, after an impressive display in the second half of the season, only to find himself kicked to the curb with one week to go. He was ready to leave. He was the one who thought it was the right time to leave. It was Joan Laporta and Deco who persuaded him to say.

What an indignity. Such shameful audacity and arrogance.

Xavi would likely be the first to admit, his stint has manager was far from perfect. He made mistakes. And yes, maybe it was the right time to walk away.

But he accepted this challenge to coach the team at the most tumultuous time recent Barca history.

He new it was a fool’s errand, and he accepted the responsibility anyway.

Now, his tenure has come to an end. But he leaves with his pride in tact.

Joan Laporta, the pressure is on you now.

Xavi, on the other hand, has a legacy that will be appreciated more and more with time.

He won La Liga. He made a fantastic run deep into the Champions League.

Barcelona are back among the best in Europe.

Hansi Flick, who was at the helm for Bayern Munich to send Barcelona into chaos during the year of the pandemic, will now be in a position to bring the club back to glory.

But Xavi did the thankless work. Flick should thank him first and foremost for giving him a Barcelona team to coach that is full of promising players, and bringing stability back to the greatest footballing city in the world.

The hug that Fermin Lopez gave to Xavi says it all.

The Barca boss got the players to believe in themselves, and in the club again.

He did it the Barca way. By believing in the youth who were, for the most part, raised in La Masia.

With Fermin, I wonder if there will be a place for him at Barcelona under Hansi Flick.

The danger of bringing in any new manager at this time is that you risk undoing the foundation that Xavi carefully, and successfully, laid with the young players who were given prominent roles under his tutelage.

There’s no looking back now.

Xavi has a bright future. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see him back on the sidelines one day at the new Camp Nou.

Flick will have plenty of talent at his disposal. And he will have the benefit of being the president’s hand picked choice for the job.

I’m actually excited to see what the German national will do, and if I were placing a bet, I think he’s going to have Barcelona competing at a top level for years to come.

As for Xavi, all we can say is thank you.

And like other Barca legends before you, I’m sorry you weren’t given the loving sendoff you deserve.

Until next time mister. I’m sure we’ll see you again soon.

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