Pochettino says he will find out Chelsea future in one week amid sack pressure


Mauricio Pochettino, Manager of Chelsea, looks on during the Premier League match between Arsenal FC and Chelsea FC at Emirates Stadium on April 23, 2024 in London, England. 

Mauricio Pochettino believes in "one week" he and his coaching staff will know whether they have a future at Chelsea or not.

The Argentine, who was appointed as Blues head coach almost 12 months ago, will see his job role reviewed at the end of the season. That has always been the plan, football.london understands, with Pochettino almost halfway through the two-year contract – with the option of a further 12 months – he signed in May 2023.

Despite a bit of progress in recent weeks, speculation over his future is understandably prominent with the season drawing to a close. Pochettino has stressed that he is happy in his job role at the moment but would not have a problem if Chelsea did decide to part company with him in the summer.

"I am so comfortable and you know us after more than 10 years of working here in England. We are so comfortable," Pochettino explained on Friday morning. "In the way we are not comfortable is to put in doubt – like you are talking – are [we] going to be here or not here?

"First, it is not my decision because if the owners are thinking to change – yes, for sure in one week we will know. That's an instability with which we are comfortable with working.

"With the truth, that's the plan, the realistic objectives with which we can do or not do. Then we start to work and work until the end. We are going to be very strong to try to help.

"It is true that in the last few months, like we were talking, that question is always coming. You need to kill the rumours if that's not true, if not the rumour is there for a different strategy.

"If you ask is it affecting me? It is not affecting me. Is it affecting the people working with? I think yes because in the end you can kill the rumour, sack me and that's not a problem. It happens in a lot of clubs."

This came after his extraordinary comments saying he and his coaching staff could decide they want to leave the club this summer of their own accord. He said: "Look, it's not important [whether he is at Chelsea next season or not].

"The most important thing is to keep going, working if we are all happy, not only the owners happy with us, or the sporting directors with us, or us, with all the organisation that the club is building here because of them we are all under assessment. If we are happy, perfect.

"But it is not only if the owners are happy or the sporting directors are happy. If we are happy, you need to ask us, also, because maybe we are not happy and we accept the situation and then we are not happy and we need to split.

"It is not going to be the first time the coaching staff at the end of the season decide to not keep going. But at this end, it is always the opposite way, it is always the owners or the sporting directors.

"They can say tomorrow 'I want to leave'. It is two parts to make a decision. Because Chelsea is not happy, the owners or the sporting directors. Maybe we are not happy because we arrive here with a job to do and in the end it has not happened what we expect.

"Maybe we are not happy. I am not saying I am not happy but it is always one side and maybe [we need to look at the] other side."

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