Barcelona official meets Laporta to talk about Hansi Flick meeting in London

Hansi Flick
Hansi Flick, Head Coach, of Germany throws a ball during the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifier match between Iceland and Germany at on September 08, 2021 in Reykjavik, Iceland. 

According to Carlos Monfort, Barcelona’s sporting director, Deco, had a meeting with club president Joan Laporta after his journey to London, where he crossed paths with Hansi Flick, who is seen as the probable successor to Xavi at the club.

In their extensive discussion last afternoon, Deco shared the emotions stirred by his encounter with Flick in London. 

It is to be noted that a sheer silence has enveloped the Barcelona board since last Wednesday. Laporta’s frustration was palpable during the press conference that reshaped Xavi’s future.

The recurring quiet from Laporta and Deco speaks volumes as the former, enraged, swiftly departed for Almeria, while Deco, absent due to personal reasons, was not present either.

Barcelona have signed Flick

It is suggested Barcelona’s sporting management successfully secured Flick on a two-season contract, making him the apparent frontrunner to helm the team from June 30 onwards. 

Flick’s vision and willingness to commit long-term resonated with the club. Pending Xavi’s departure, expected imminently barring unforeseen circumstances, the stage is set for Flick’s arrival.

Deco, foreseeing Xavi’s exit, expedited preparations for potential replacements and his approach involved internal discussions, with Rafa Marquez emerging as a leading contender, alongside external explorations that culminated in Flick’s candidacy. 

Flick was always a Barcelona favourite

Flick’s candidacy gained traction over time, evolving from a peripheral option in February to Laporta’s favoured choice amidst season-ending disappointments. 

A pivotal meeting in London last Wednesday sealed the deal, with Barcelona’s sports officials, Flick, and his agent, Pini Zahavi, ironing out the details.

The agreement was near-complete, spanning contract length — Flick would serve until the end of Laporta’s term, with provisions for an extension. 

Understanding Barcelona’s financial constraints, Flick agreed to a modest base salary with bonuses tied to on-field success. Embracing the challenge, he was drawn to the club’s ambition.

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