Jamal Musiala Gives High Praise To Kroos And Bellingham

Jamal Musiala of Bayern Muenchen looks on during the UEFA Champions League quarter-final second leg match between FC Bayern München and Arsenal FC at Allianz Arena on April 17, 2024 in Munich, Germany.

As Bayern Munich prepares to clash with Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-finals, Jamal Musiala took a moment to reflect on his former teammate and friend, Jude Bellingham, now playing for Madrid.

Reflecting on their time together in England, Musiala, in an exclusive interview with Marca, recalled the synergy they shared on the field. “They were fabulous years in England. Jude and I always understood each other well on the field, and we played good football,” Musiala stated. “Besides, we were roommates and we always had a great relationship.

“I think Jude always had a great mentality as a player. He trusts a lot in himself and does not escape great challenges, so I was not surprised to see him like this in Madrid. Of course, his start is not normal for a debutant, as these things always requires a certain patience, but it is something that honestly has not surprised me too much. I have known Jude’s mentality since he was little.”

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Looking ahead to the upcoming matches against Madrid, Musiala expressed anticipation. “I’m looking forward to those two games against Madrid. Jude and I have always dreamed since we were little of playing clashes like these,” he remarked.

Musiala also praised Bellingham’s humility and respect for fans, both as a rising talent and now as a star. “He is a boy with a very good heart and has always had a lot of affection for his fans,” Musiala noted. “It’s important to show that respect, and I think we’ve both maintained that pretty well over the years.”

As two former teammates turned opponents, Musiala and Bellingham’s reunion on the pitch promises to be a compelling narrative within the Champions League semi-final encounter.

But Bellingham is not the only Real Madrid player Musiala spoke about. He also took the opportunity to highlight how important Toni Kroos’s return to the German National Team is ahead of the European Championship.

“He always puts the ball in the right place, away from the defender, so you can turn, pass or dribble,” Musiala said about Kroos. “So far I have only played two games with him, but I have already seen the quality of player he is. I’m excited to see what we can do together as a team at the Euros.”

Jamal Musilia on Toni Kroos: "He always puts the ball in the right place, away from the defender, so you can turn, pass or dribble." 

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