Four conditions Xavi will have to accept to continue as Barcelona manager – report

Xavi Hernandez, head coach of FC Barcelona gestures during the La Liga EA Sports match round 32 match between Real Madrid and Futbol Club Barcelona at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium on April 21, 2024 in Madrid, Spain. 

The future of Xavi Hernandez is currently the hottest topic in Barcelona right now, with the board still undecided whether or not to keep the Spaniard as the head coach next season.

Xavi, for his part, appears to be finally considering staying at Camp Nou beyond the coming summer, despite announcing his desire to leave the club at the end of the season, earlier in the year.

However, even if Xavi decides to stay, Barcelona are not going to hand him a blank check and would want the Spaniard to accept multiple demands.

Barcelona’s demands for Xavi

According to MARCA, the simple fact that Xavi Hernandez will be allowed to continue for another reason entails that Barcelona trust the team has improved and can fight for titles next season.

Keeping that in mind, one of Barcelona’s main demands will be that the team qualifies for the 2025 Spanish Super Cup, which means the club must secure second place in La Liga come the end of the season.

Moreover, Xavi will have to make peace with the club’s economic situation and the fact the board provide much financial backing in the coming summer.

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The third condition that Xavi must accept is that there may be some changes for next season in the functioning of the first team, such as the physical preparation of the squad.

Xavi will have to offer explanations

Finally, and perhaps more importantly, Joan Laporta is expected to ask Xavi for an explainer as to why he decided to leave Barcelona in the first place.

Although Xavi did single out multiple reasons at the time, it appears Barça are looking for a detailed explainer so that it doesn’t repeat in the future.

It must be noted that Xavi was willing to reconsider his decision when the team was performing well. Hence, the Spaniard will have some explaining to do if he is to continue at Camp Nou beyond the coming summer.

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