Gavi’s woes after Barcelona vs Napoli sting the heart – report

(L-R) Ferran Torres of FC Barcelona, Pedri Gonzalez of FC Barcelona, Gavi of FC Barcelona during the UEFA Champions League match between FC Barcelona v Napoli at the Lluis Companys Olympic Stadium on March 12, 2024 in Barcelona Spain.

The aftermath of the latest FC Barcelona victory was nothing but joy in the Montjuic Stadium. Defeating Napoli with a 3-1 scoreline, the home crowd was exuberant, to say the least. As a result, the Barcelona team could not help but join in as well.

Jumping together, cheering with the fans, and acknowledging their support, FC Barcelona once again felt like FC Barcelona. Despite being away from the warm embrace of Camp Nou, Barça have still managed to temporarily hold onto their home on top of the magical mountain.

Yet, if there was one moment of sadness in the course of the celebrations, it was the sight of Gavi. While his recovery has been going well enough, and he no longer needs additional support to walk, as pointed out by Diario AS, the typically adrenaline-fuelled youngster could not do much to jump alongside his healthy teammates as he tried to join in the celebrations.

Understandably, his ACL injury restricts him from being able to jump vertically for now. While his teammates hopped up and down with great joy, Gavi continued to smile and raise his hands with them. However, it was not too long before Fermin Lopez noticed the struggles of his Barcelona teammate.

Thus, he went to him with the same excitement as before and picked him up. In response, Gavi seemed to be laughing just like before but politely requested to be put back down but only after Lopez had managed to lift him up.

A sight of bliss for the fans of Barcelona in the stadium and even those watching from around the globe. This family that has been formed under Xavi feels strong, and Barcelona is supposed to feel like that. Many challenges still await them this season, but the team should get to enjoy their big win for now.

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