Jurgen Klopp makes VAR claim after Liverpool Carabao Cup celebrations

Jurgen Klopp the manager / head coach of Liverpool with the Carabao Cup Trophy during the Carabao Cup Final match between Chelsea and Liverpool at Wembley Stadium on February 27, 2022 in London, England.

Jurgen Klopp spoke of his delight at being able to celebrate with Liverpool's fans at Wembley after calling for improvements to be made with VAR.

The Reds beat Chelsea 11-10 on penalties after a goalless draw in the capital as they collected a record-setting ninth League Cup.

Joel Matip had a goal controversially ruled out for an offside on Virgil van Dijk in the second half and while Klopp admitted he was yet to watch it back, he appeared to question the call from Everton's 1-0 defeat to Manchester City on Saturday when the hosts were contentiously denied a penalty for handball by Rodrigo.

I didn't see it back but it's not our favourite subject since (the Everton game) last night. That was a tricky one to understand!

But I have not seen anything back [from today] but obviously there is still space for improvement. That is how it is.

He added: It's good, look, we were here and lost a final in 2016 on penalties.

Afterwards, no-one speaks about it, it is just 'you were at Wembley twice and lost both finals.

It was a tight game, we were clearly better in the second half, should have won it and didn't. Then we lose on penalties in the shootout and that the life of a professional sportsperson.

Now in 10 years time no-one will ask how we won it against Chelsea, you just have to win it.

Were we better today than that time against City? I am not sure, but we are more experienced and that is a massive difference.

You only learn when things don't go well. We kept our nerves.

The start of the game Chelsea were clearly better but then we dominated and they had to run and I am not sure but in the first half it was 63 per cent possession against Chelsea, which is not easy.

But over 120 minutes, you cannot keep them back from your goal so they had their chances and obviously they scored goals, more than us, but they were offside.

That is harsh to take for them but I am really happy with all our effort and yes it is a big one for us because it is the first time for this group and the ninth time for the club.

Our fans were quite obviously happy about the whole thing tonight, the game, the atmosphere was outstanding and after the game it was nice to celebrate something with them after not having anything to celebrate or the opportunity to celebrate.

So I am really happy about the whole thing.

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