President Bartomeu insists: Lionel Messi is NOT for sale

Barcelona's president Josep Maria Bartomeu removes his facemask during his official presentation at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona on August 19, 2020.

Reportedly, President Bartomeu won’t negotiate for the sale of Lionel Messi. He refers to the Argentine’s 700 million euros release clause.

Messi and his entourage believe that the player can leave on a free transfer. Even though the Argentine was supposed to inform the club about a potential departure before June 10, due to the Covid-19 situation which forced the postponement of La Liga and Champions League, Messi believes that he still has the right to terminate his contract.

Koeman has returned to Barcelona. He intends to speak to Leo and Bartomeu in the next few days, but it is unknown whether Messi is willing to participate in a meeting because his lawyers have advised him not to show up for the PCR tests on Sunday.

On the other side, the club doesn’t want to meet with Messi if he is going to discuss his departure. According to Spanish newspaper Marca, Bartomeu told Messi “Either you renew your contract or there is nothing to talk about”.

Sources report that Messi does not want to confront the Barça board, and has asked his lawyers to discuss and negotiate an exit. 

However, if Bartomeu believes that Messi still has a contract with the club and insists on not selling the player, Messi will have no choice other than playing another season for Barcelona – apart from taking legal action.

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