Courtois: I became a goalkeeper because of Casillas and then I watched Van der Sar

Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois.

Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois talked with his fans via an Instagram Live and revealed his two idols growing up in Belgium.

“When Iker started to play for Madrid I watched his games and I became a goalkeeper because of him, I loved to see him and Real Madrid play. When I was 14 years old and realized that I was skinny and tall I paid close attention to Van der Sar because he was more like my style as a goalkeeper,” said Courtois.

The talented keeper also discussed his main skills for that spot.

“I would highlight my ability to handle pressure after what happened during this past year and a half. If you’re not strong mentally you cannot get over what happened and then prove how good you are when it’s time to play. You have to be very strong because everybody makes mistakes but mistakes for goalkeepers usually cost the team goals. After the game you just have to forget your mistakes and never look back, just thinking about doing better next time,” he explained.

Courtois also praised his main two rivals in the Spanish league, Barcelona’s Ter Stegen and Atletico’s Oblak.

“Ter Stegen keeps the ball instead of clearing it and he does that very well, just like Oblak. In terms of distributing the ball I got surprised at Remiro, from Real Sociedad, and I like him a lot on duels against strikers as well because he’s very flexible,” added Courtois.

The goalkeeper was having a phenomenal season and Real Madrid can only hope that he keeps playing this way when the current Coronavirus pandemic is over and football is back.

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