Brazil beats Peru to win Copa America title

Brazil finally claimed their ninth Copa America title -to Messi's dismay- with a good performance against Peru in a tougher match than initially anticipated.

Peru made A Canarinha battle for the trophy after scoring an equalizer right before the halftime break, but a good strike by Gabriel Jesus moments later paved the way for the second half.

Just when things seemed to be rolling for the Brazilian side, Gabriel Jesus was sent off due to a midfield clash. The footballer was baffled by the decision, and went to the locker room throwing punches and nearly destroying the booth where the VAR technology is located.

In fact, the footballer became the first player in Copa America history to be involved in such antics during the tournament's final. 

He was the first player to assist for the first goal, score the second goal for his country and pick up a red card in the title match.

Brazil has cemented their spot as the third most-winning side in Copa America history, but they have a long way to test Argentina or Uruguay for the top spots.

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