Burnley boss Dyche says Decision on deal rests with Crouch

Clarets boss Sean Dyche has disclosed that he would have no qualms in offering Peter Crouch a new contract at Burnley, but the decision whether to play on ultimately lies with the player.

The 38-year-old’s short term deal expired at the end of the season, but Dyche has been pleased with the veteran’s impact on and off the pitch, despite his playing time being restricted to 88 minutes either side of appendix surgery.

Crouch himself feels fit enough to play on, but admits he is pondering whether to retire.

Dyche said: “I chatted with him the other day and it is not just my decision, it is his as well, with his age and his intention, does he want to carry on?

“I have never been bothered by age, it has always been have you got that edge to your game? I think he showed that he is hungry, he has been very unfortunate, but I think he has shown that edge to his game.

“I spoke to him and said ‘you want to think about yourself and don’t think about me and Burnley, have a think about yourself first’, which he will do.
“He has been superb for us and great around the group as well.”

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