Zinedine Zidane open-up Real Madrid tactics used to handle Mohammed Salah in Kiev

The Champions league match was damaged by an injury to Liverpool star player  Mohamed Salah after 30 minutes with the game still goalless. Salah clashed  with Sergio Ramos and the Egyptian landed with his shoulder, forcing him to be replaced.

Real madrid won the game with Gareth Bale scoring one of the most spectacular goals in Champions League history. But Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp was unhappy with the Salah injury.

And when asked by UEFA if Real Madrid had specifically prepared for the threat of Salah, Zidane replied: Not at all, Our game was always the same, regardless of who we were facing.

However, we told players about the individual characteristics of opposing players, so that they were aware of specific things that those players did.
I did not want to do too much of that, as I wanted my players to focus primarily on our own game.

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