Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri plans to stop smoking

Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri plans to to stop smoking after directing the blues to second straight win on saturday.
Maurizio sarri told reporter : I will smoke in the evening, not during the match, I am going to stop. Just for one or two years, then I will start again. We did very well for 75 minutes of the 90. Inside there were 15 horrible minutes.

We lost distances, we were not able to press, we were not able to defend. We were really in trouble.
Sarri was asked if he needed a cigarette during half-time, the 59-year- old replied: No, no, I just needed the first half to end, I needed half-time.

I can speak about the other 75, I think that’s better. Because I remember the good things instead of the worst. So I think in the second half we did really well in the mental point of view because it was very hard to answer to the last part of the first half.

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