Brendan Rodgers will go head to head with Steven Gerrard as manager for the first time

Brendan Rodgers will go head-to-head with Steven Gerrard’s Rangers in a mouthwatering old firm derby at celtic park this Sunday (12pm).

Brendan Rodgers was liverpool manager in Gerrard  final three Seasons at anfield with the pair going close to ending the Reds’ prolonged wait for a Premier league title.

Brendan Rodger spoke to Celtic’s in-house television channel CelticTV:  I am looking forward to seeing Steven. He is a good guy, we worked well together at Liverpool. I don't necessarily see it as a dugout battle, I see it as the teams on the field.

Whatever coach or manager is there at the time, it is irrespective to me. It is about looking at them and how they play and preparing the team in order to win the game.

That's what I have tried to do in the 11 games against Rangers in my two years here. So that's the focus really. Try to analyse them the best we
can. There is no doubt Steven has made a difference to them and made a change to them, a positive change.

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