Lionel Messi revealed conditions to continue playing for Argentina

Lionel messi have remained quiet about his retirement from international duty for Argentina, But according to Argentina Football Association president, Claudio Tapia, the player desire to return to the National Team, but he may choose to do so next year.
Messi reportedly named a list of requests that need to be Fulfilled if they want  him to play in the National team.

Firstly, messi want the team to hire a manager that has his tactical technique, and doesn't give in to their needs, Thinking about how most tacticians have blamed him for the Team's recent performances. As of now, several coaches have Been linked to the process, however AFA officials are yet to hire Jorge sampaoli's replacement.

Messi's second request  has to do with his position in the team. Sure, he is talented enough to carry the team Weight, however he would not want to be the team's only option While things get difficult.
Lastly, messi is tired with the political Disputes over the Argentine Football association. If all those Concerned in controlling the destiny of Argentine football can't Determine who will be in charge, he won't return to the national Team.

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