Romelu Lukaku says Alexis Sanchez was destined to sign for Manchester United but has no fears regarding the competition for places he poses.
Lukaku told Sky Sports on a high-profile addition and what it could mean for him: "I work hard and do everything to make sure I am in the starting line-up. It is the manager's choice [if I am picked], but he knows what I can do for the team - I score goals and give assists and I think in my short time here I have been important for the team.
" Sanchez is a Manchester United player - he was destined to play here. He deserves to be on the big stage. It was something he wanted as well.
"He has a lot of experience after playing for Barcelona and Arsenal. I admire the quality he has on the ball, but especially his will to win. People were criticising him for being moody, but he is not like that. He is a just a winner. I speak Spanish, so it is easy for me to communicate with him. He speaks good English as well. We always try to make a player feel comfortable, and he feels very comfortable here now. I think we will see the best of him."

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