Why Neymar Vital to Brazil Winning 2022 World Cup, according to Cafu

Players of Brazil during training during the Brazil Training Session at Juventus Training Center on November 16, 2022 in Turin, Italy.

Neymar Jr. has the absolute pressure of Brazil on his shoulders as the Paris Saint-Germain star hopes to end the country’s 20-year FIFA World Cup drought.

What bodes well for Brazil is that Neymar is playing the best football heading into the competition, so there’s no major break from when the last time the 30-year-old played significant matches to when the World Cup gets underway on Sunday.

Although there are plenty of critics regarding Neymar, Brazilian football legend Cafu isn’t one of them and is ready to put his support behind him.

“It’s a great opportunity to break European dominance,” Cafu told the AFP (h/t RMC Sport). “This is the perfect time for Brazil to break the curse and claim the title. Argentina and Seleçao are the two favorites. On the one hand, Brazil is coming off a very good season with great performances. On the other, Argentina also has a very good team. These two countries have great potential to win the World Cup.

“The fact that Brazil hasn’t won the title for twenty years affects the fans a bit and takes away some credibility from the national team. But this year, I think Brazil is back. With Neymar in form, we have a very good chance of winning the World Cup because he is a player who really makes a difference on the pitch. We’re pinning our hopes on his talent, but he’s not playing alone. By playing well, by being motivated, I’m sure he will motivate the other players and make them feel important so that they can win.”

Neymar is putting together a Ballon d’Or level season and winning the World Cup while being the best player at the tournament could further solidify his case. Additionally, being the player that helps lead the team to end Brazil’s drought.

If Neymar also lifts the trophy, it will put him in the conversation as the best player in the world and quiet any critics who say no one can win with the Brazil international.

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