Barcelona confirm activation of third financial lever

Joan Laporta, Frank Kessie and Mateu Alemany during the presentation of Frank Kessie as a new player of FC Barcelona, in Barcelona, on 06th July 2022.

Barcelona have announced that they have sold a stake of Barca Studios to Socios for €100m.

The sale confirms the club's activation of a third financial lever this summer to help them sign players in the transfer window and register them in time for the new La Liga season.

Laporta said: “First we have to register the players and get rid of those who don’t count. Then we’ll see what we can do.

“The lever thing is very difficult, it’s to save the club and have the possibility of signing players and registering them. The risk is controlled. The Barça Studios operation has been carried out.

“The feeling we have is that we are doing the job, with great difficulty. Finding the levers has not been easy. And the clubs with whom we were negotiating made statements. I am not talking about others, if they want to continue talking, let them do so.

“Work is being done on departures, it’s not easy. I’m satisfied with the transfers, but we’ll see. The summer is long. First, register them, and then we’ll see, there may be some more operations.

“We have carried out the necessary operations [to register new players]. I hope that La Liga makes the same interpretation as us. If not, we will solve it. The exits will help.”

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