Bartomeu faces Barcelona exit as no confidence vote is upheld

Josep Maria Bartomeu, President of the Fc Barcelona, during the match between FC Barcelona and CSKA Moscow, corresponding to the week 1 of the Euroleague, played at the Palau Blaugrana, on 01st October 2020, in Barcelona, Spain.

Josep Maria Bartomeu's position as president of Barcelona is moving closer to its end after his appeal to have the vote of no confidence against him suspended was turned down.

Nearly 20,000 Barcelona club members signed a motion against Bartomeu's presidency earlier this month and delivered it to the club, expressing their dissatisfaction with his running of the club.

Each name required verification, and the number required was reached, surpassing similar situations regarding Joan Laporta in 2008 and Josep Lluis Nunez in 1998.

The Socios now have the right to announce a referendum; Bartomeu had appealed the decision but reports from Spain suggest that this has now been rejected, paving the way for a vote at the request of the Board of Directors.

The letter provided today stated that there were no legal or health impediments which would prohibit the vote going ahead.

The Socios, either on Sunday 1 November or Monday 2 November, will issue the ultimatum to Bartomeu. At that point the president will have a decision to make: allow the vote to proceed - one he would stand no chance of winning - or resign from his position.

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