Mane Reveals Why He Turned Man Utd Down

Sadio Mane has come a long way since joining Liverpool three years ago - but things could have been very different if he had signed for Manchester United.

And while that may sound like a Liverpool fan’s horror story, it wasn’t far from coming true.

Ahead of Saturday’s Champions League final with Tottenham, the 27-year-old admitted that he came close to signing for United after his final season with Southampton.

“I was really, really close because I even met up with them,” he told the Mirror.

“So I was coming, I was there and I spoke with the boss who was there before (Louis van Gaal).

“They made an offer, but in the same week, [Jurgen] Klopp called me.

“He said: ‘I think it’s the right club. The right coach for you, and I think it’s better that you go to Liverpool’.

“For me I think it was the right time as well. I said, ‘I am going to Liverpool.’”
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