Barcelona and Real madrid battling to sign Skriniar, says agent

An agent who works with Milan Skriniar disclose that Barcelona and Real Madrid both want to sign Milan Skriniar from Inter Milan.

Mithat Halis, who is a partner at the firm that represents Skriniar, has been talking about the defender but explained why it might be a difficult deal to do.

“Real Madrid want to sign him, so do Barcelona; whoever can convince Inter to let him go will sign him this summer. Skriniar is a model professional. If Real Madrid want him, they could get him but there are other agents who have a vested interest in taking players where they want.

”Mino Raiola, who represents Ibrahimovic and Pogba, might try to mislead Skriniar, but the player is on the books at our company - we have a contract with him. Inter paid Sampdoria 28 million euros for Skriniar and six months later, Manchester City came in with an offer of 55 million. Now he is valued at around 100 million. Any deal would certainly be complicated by the interference of intermediaries.”
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