Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand expresses doubts over whether Liverpool will defeat Real Madrid in Champions League final

Ferdinand who played alongside Ronaldo while the two were at United believes that Liverpool might struggle to face threat of the Portuguese player.
When asked about what Liverpool’s defence can do to stop Ronaldo on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast, Ferdinand said: “What? Other than foul him?” He then went on to praise Ronaldo saying: I saw a thing the other day, just check this stat out because it tells you how good this guy is: in eight seasons, continuous, he has scored 50 plus goals,  he added.
There aren’t people doing that in the Sunday leagues. There are strikers who struggle to do that in Sunday football but he’s doing that at the top level. I mean, that just tells you who you’re dealing with and what you’re up against as a Liverpool player. Real Madrid are the pre-match favourites to win the game. However, the Reds can take heart from the fact that Madrid did lose to Tottenham earlier on during the Champions League group stages which proves that they are beatable. They will need to hope that their attacking trio of Roberto Firmino, Mo Salah and Sadio Mane deliver on the day.

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