Barcelona scored five goal in their La liga trip to Real Betis like it was no big deal, It wasn’t as easy as it sounds, though, Real Betis gave Barcelona a tough time for about 60 minutes, but once the first goal went in they just couldn’t stop the league leaders.
The first half started with the teams sharing possession for most of the time and passing the ball around. Until they got to the edge of the box and came up against a strong defensive structure from both sides. No real chances were created in the first 45 minutes, but it’s safe to say Betis were the most dangerous team and Ter Stegen was constantly making some key interventions.
Real Betis went forward with pace and intent, creating some dangerous chances and nearly finding the back of the net. But the mark of Valverde’s Barcelona is absorbing pressure and being incredibly efficient when need be, and they did just that: in only ten minutes, Ivan Rakitic, Lionel Messi and Luis Suárez scored very good goals to give Barcelona a three-goal lead and truly kill the game.
Betis were stunned by the three quick goals and lost every sense of organization, and Barça made the result even better thanks to another beautiful counter-attacking goal that was expertly finished by Messi to make it 4-0 with 10 minutes to go. Messi then made a phenomenal run through the defense and found Suárez for the fifth and final goal of the. The leaders then just passed the ball around until the final whistle came.

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